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Case Studies
November 8, 2017
CESR's OPERA framework used for tracking implementation of a South African court's mandate on education rights.
Case Studies
July 3, 1999
Case study on the state of economic, social and cultural rights in Ecuador, 1999.
UN submissions
July 3, 1998
Comments based on the report 'From Needs to Rights: Recognizing the Right to Health in Ecuador'.
July 3, 1998
This report focuses on the Inter-American Commission's role in promoting economic, social, and cultural rights in Peru.
July 3, 1997
In 1997, CESR organized a fourth mission to Iraq to research a comprehensive report on the economic impact of sanctions...
January 5, 1996
This report offered evidence of the devastating toll that UN-imposed sanctions were taking on Iraqi society.
July 3, 1995
1994 report examining the government of Ecuador and US oil companies' role in violating rights to health and a healthy... Read More
Briefings, Reports
September 3, 1991
The findings of an 87-person international mission on the human rights impacts of the Gulf Crisis (1991).