On this page you will find links to a broad variety of useful resources to help you in your economic and social rights work. On the 'CESR Tools' page you wil also find an introduction to CESR's OPERA Framework - a simple but comprehensive guide to monitoring the obligation to fulfill economic and social rights - along with a variety of other resources and case studies. The 'General ESCR Resources' section meanwhile provides a carefully curated collection of the best guides and tools produced by other organizations and institutions working in this arena, while 'Rights in Focus' offers readers an accessible but comprehensive introduction to each of the main economic and social rights.

CESR Tools

CESR has developed a simple, yet comprehensive four-step framework to analyze various aspects of the obligation to fulfill economic and social rights. The OPERA Framework incorporates different measures for specific human rights principles and standards, by framing them around four levels of analysis: Outcomes, Policy Efforts, Resources and Assessment. In this section you will also find a variety of complementary tools and case studies to support you in your monitoring work.

General ESCR Resources

Knowing your rights is the first step in defending them for yourself and for others. Here you can find legal tools for human rights, including texts of human rights documents, links to guides on the international UN human rights system and important caselaw on ESC rights.

Rights in Focus

Economic, social and cultural rights are socio-economic human rights, such as the right to education, right to housing, right to an adequate standard of living, the right to health and the right to benefit from cultural life and scientific advancement. These rights are recognised and protected in international and regional human rights treaties, and in the constitutions and domestic laws of most countries. States have a legal obligation to respect, protect and fulfill economic, social and cultural rights and are required to take "progressive action" towards their fulfilment.