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When the Water Runs Dry: Human Rights, Climate Change & Deepening Water Inequality in Delhi, India

A new report by Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic uses our OPERA framework to monitor the fulfillment of ESC rights in Delhi, India.

The research findings show that low-income residents of Delhi suffer from unequal access to water. The situation is likely to get even more dire for millions due to the impact of climate change coupled with the inaction by governments.

The report concludes that climate change amplifies inequalities by reducing and worsening water supply. Areas with limited water availability are more affected by water scarcity. Temperature spikes heighten the need for water and increase the physical stressors of collecting it.

Harvard’s Human Rights Clinic used CESR's OPERA framework (part of our Decoding Injustice toolkit) to conduct their research. OPERA works to reveal "invisible" policy choices that contribute to socioeconomic inequalities. You can learn more about Decoding Injustice here.