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Fostering new approaches to monitor COVID recovery in MENA

On April 29th, Mahinour ElBadrawi (CESR) and Dana Abded (Oxfam Lebanon) shared with the Oxfam FAIR-EiU Knowledge Hub forum toolkits and methods for a rights-based monitoring of "Fair and Inclusive Recovery from COVID-19 in MENA".

This event is part of a collaboration between CESR, Oxfam MENA Regional Platform, and a  group of national partners in Tunisia, Lebanon, and Egypt, working on tracking and influencing COVID-19 recovery policies on a local, national, and regional level. As an accompanying partner to this project, CESR is offering methodological guidance and support for systematic rights-based monitoring of recovery policies, using the OPERA Framework.

The event also presented the primary findings of the methodology workshop held jointly by Oxfam and CESR on April 7th, 2021. During the workshop, CESR guided project partners from the three countries in experimenting with the application of the OPERA framework as well as with using indicators and benchmarks to measure government’s human rights obligations in the context of COVID-19.

You can watch the recording of the event here.