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Desigual y Letal: 5 key actions to recover from the pandemic in Latin America & the Caribbean

Desigual y Letal is our new report in Spanish, crafted in partnership with our allies at Amnesty International, that explores the causes of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Latin America and proposes rights-based policy transformations to strengthen the region for any future crises. 

The report explains the factors behind the region’s disproportionate death toll from Covid compared to other parts of the world. With only 8.4% of the world’s population, the region has endured 28% of total global deaths due to COVID-19. The report finds that those countries with the highest inequality and lowest public spending on health and social protection suffered most during the pandemic, with the most devasting impacts on historically marginalized groups. 

A human rights-based rethink of economic policies is key to avoiding future calamities in what is, by many measures, the world’s most unequal region. Despite the staggering inequality and poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, over the last decades governments have failed to collect sufficient tax revenues and to do so in a way that combats inequality, even during times of economic boom. This has inevitably resulted in meager spending on healthcare services and social protection – including unemployment, pensions and childcare support – which are vital for a life of dignity and to truly uphold human rights for all.