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Latin America: CESR course on budgets and human rights

We are excited to share that CESR will be part of the Escuela Latinoamericana de Abogacía Comunitaria y Activismo Jurídico (ELAC, or School for Activists) organized by ACIJ, Namati and Red de Empoderamiento Jurídico.

The School is an innovative project aimed at shaping the next generation of human rights activists and fostering their skills through a wide range of courses. It builds on a series of groundbreaking approaches to teaching,  and seeks to create a learning community for activists throughout Latin America. The ultimate goal is to empower people and professionals to pursue more just and equal societies in the region.  

As part of CESR's approach to create and share tools for Decoding Injustice, members of our team will be leading a virtual course on Budget Analysis and Human Rights (entitled "Sin Recursos No Hay Derechos"). Budgetary decisions are not mere technical issues that should be restricted to so-called experts. Budgets can help activists to shed light on how fiscal policies harm people's human rights and exacerbate gender inequality, climate crisis and multiple forms of discrimination. This, in turn, can be useful for communities to advocate for structural changes at different legal and political levels. 

The course will help participants to unpack the different dimensions of fiscal policy and understand its deep connection with human rights. We will share a set of tools and strategies for navigating public budgets, and will work together to put into practice the ideas learned.

The course will be held in Spanish and is open to Latin American activists who want to learn how to analyze budgets from a human rights perspective, particularly community organizers and activists working on socioeconomic rights. The course will be online and registration is open now. If you have any questions, please contact or