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Data for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

CESR together with ESCR-NET Monitoring Working Group(MWG) members are excited to share the Collective position on data and ESCR. The Position, which is the result of a couple of years of collective work among MWG members, and other experts in the field, articulates a series of principles and recommendations states should follow when collecting, analyzing, and using data for public decision-making, in line with human rights obligations. It also provides a comprehensive overview of key data-related issues (e.g. representation, quality, privacy, transparency) that are instrumental in advancing ESCR research and advocacy. The Position also covers key issues of data and inequality and non-discrimination and privacy in light of the impacts of digitalization and data commercialization on ESCR.  

CESR, together with ACIJ (Arg), ISER (Uganda), Pamoja Trust (Kenya), Participation and the Practice of Rights (Northern Ireland), Right to Education (UK/Global), and the ESCR-NET Secretariat, form the Advisory Group for the position, tasked with leading the strategic direction and popularization of the popsition. 

In the upcoming phase, the collective is planning to hold a series of online events to exchange strategies for operationalization and the advocacy around the position, including community uptake of the data principles.  We also aim to engage with human rights accountability mechanisms on both global and regional level.