Just COVID Recovery

Taking action to build a better future

The pandemic has laid bare the grave injustices of our dominant economic model. This system hasn’t just failed to prevent the cascading crises the world currently faces; it’s caused them. Weakened public services, precarious labor conditions, unequal care burdens, and entrenched gender and race discrimination made it easy for the pandemic to push so many of us over the edge into hardship and harm.

We’re at a critical juncture. The decisions governments make now will shape our post-pandemic economies. ​Countries across the globe have put in place large-scale economic relief and recovery packages in response to COVID-19. But few governments are taking their human rights obligations into account when they do. Unequal access to decision-making spaces have meant that civil society groups, particularly those working with communities most affected by the pandemic, have rarely been able to shape these responses. 

CESR is bringing attention to the inadequacies of these responses and to demand accountability for them. ​​We’re also contributing a human rights perspective on debates about the concrete reforms required to design a new system. These include: vaccines for all; well-funded universal public services, including health, water, and education; robust and comprehensive social protection systems; and reducing and redistributing the unfair and intense care burdens borne mostly by women.

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Recovering Rights Series

The COVID-19 pandemic is laying bare the grave injustices of our economic model.  How could our economies be transformed in the wake of COVID-19 if our rights and dignity are placed at their center? The Recovering Rights series aims to spark collective debate on this question.

Confronting COVID blogs

Our “Confronting COVID” blog series shares experiences of partners and allies in responding to the economic fallout of the pandemic.

Monitoring Economic Responses to COVID-19

CESR is working on different tools to help shape and critique responses to COVID-19, and to demand accountability for them. Here, you can get an overview of them and learn how they are being applied around the world.

Freeing Fiscal Space

Our article at GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS details how wealthier countries and international financial institutions constrict the fiscal space of low- and middle-income countries through the imposition of debt and tax policies.