Learning From Our Community

October 10, 2021


During 2021, we've organized community calls with partners and allies from across the social, economic, and environmental justice movements on mobilizing for rights-based economic transformation in the wake of COVID-19. More than 70 people joined the three calls—a diverse group of activists and advocates from around the world, whose works spans a range of issues from the local to the global level. The idea was to come together in a more informal way; to collectively reflect on shared challenges and opportunities, to explore synergies between our efforts, and to create space for more open conversations and spontaneous connections.

Here, you can find short reflection notes on each of the calls.

1. Remaking a System in Crisis

We painted a collective picture of the advocacy landscape we’re in, by reflecting on shifts in the way demands for justice have been framed as the pandemic has unfolded and mapping out where there was receptiveness and resistance to rights.

2. Aligning Demands For a Just Recovery

We explored how to frame—and show the connections between—our demands, striking a balance between pursuing more immediate wins and more transformative shifts, given the complex advocacy landscape we face. The goal was to share insights about framing demands in the current political context, and explore ideas for how we can stay better engaged to advance common goals.

3. Leveraging Rights for a Just Recovery

Digging deeper and brainstorming ways to untap the potential of human rights to frame demands for economic transformation.

4. Synergies in Strategies

We tapped into collective intelligence about influencing the institutions that influence economic policy. Key themes included: combining insider and outsider tactics, avoiding the co-opting of causes, and the challenges of working in "virtual mode".