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Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is of a world in which a just distribution of resources and power enables current and future generations to live with dignity, in full enjoyment of their economic and social rights
In pursuit of that vision, our mission is to harness the power of human rights to inspire fairer and more sustainable economies.
The values we seek to reflect, and hold ourselves to, in our work and workplace include:
Collaboration—We know that we cannot bring about change alone, so we actively build relationships with others seeking transformational change. This involves going where there’s energy; initiating collaborations that are mutually respectful, supportive, and accountable; ensuring collective goals are clearly defined and mutually owned; and fostering synergies across national, regional and international efforts. 
Creativity—We develop original ways to analyze complex problems; seek novel insights by breaking down silos and working across different disciplines; and experiment with new approaches that will increase the rigor of our research and the impact of our advocacy. 
Mutual learning—We approach our work with humility, curiosity, and thoughtfulness; we ensure our strategies are context-specific and responsive to changing circumstances; we seek out reciprocal insights and shared wisdom from our collaborations, which inform continual experimentation.
Solidarity—We strive to dismantle power asymmetries in our partnerships and within the fields we work in more broadly, including North-South asymmetries; we’re conscious of our institutional positioning, and aim to create space, not take it. This involves sharing power transparently and amplifying the perspective and interests of groups aligned with our mission and values. 
Intersectionality—Our work adopts an explicitly feminist lens and addresses overlapping forms of discrimination, oppression, and exploitation. We recognize that equality demands confronting deeply rooted power structures within and between countries and regions. Our work is grounded in the perspective of communities and individuals with lived experience of injustice. 
Boldness—Our ambition is to fundamentally transform the world. We approach this goal with determination and courage. We advance a progressive and transformative vision of human rights. We recognize our work is political and we’re committed to advancing interconnected struggles for economic and social justice.