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CESR participates in the Global South Women's Forum on Disrupting Macroeconomics

From 14-18 December 2020, CESR participated in the Global South Women's Forum on Disrupting Macroeconomics, organized by International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP).
Kate Donald (Director of Program) was a panelist in an event organized by the Global Initiative on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights entitled "Advancing Human Rights through Gender-Responsive Public Services: Feminist Alternatives to Privatization". She discussed how reclaiming public services should be part of a broader shift to a "rights-based economy", centered around valuing and supporting care.
Mahinour ElBadrawi (Program Officer) was a panelist in a session entitled "The Urgency of Fiscal Justice" organized by Third World Network, which focused on the threat of another IMF-induced wave of austerity across the Global South. She highlighted the impacts that IMF loan programs have had on women's rights and gender justice in the Middle East & North Africa, particularly Egypt.
The recordings of all the sessions can be found on IWRAW-AP's YouTube channel.