Publications | April 18, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Human Rights in Ireland's Economic Meltdown

CESR analyzed Ireland’s economic crisis and subsequent austerity policies. 

Blog | March 30, 2014
Ireland: Post-crisis Constitutional Convention calls for economic and social rights

Consultations have revealed overwhelming support for incorporation of ESCR provisions in the crisis-hit country's constitution.

News and Events | December 2, 2012
Balancing the books, but neglecting the people

Op-Ed: CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz, writing in the Irish Examiner, examines the parallel patterns of retrogression stemming from Ireland and Spain's respective austerity programs.

News and Events | June 27, 2012
CESR backs Irish civil society's call for rights in constitutional convention

Joint letter: CESR has joined Irish civil society in calling for public participation and the inclusion of ESCR in the forthcoming constitutional convention.

News and Events | May 28, 2012
Ireland: Austerity must not trump human rights in constitutional reforms

CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz unpacks the human rights issues at stake in this week's referendum in Ireland on the EU Fiscal Compact.

News and Events | March 29, 2012
A recovery for all? Holding Ireland's government to account

Despite repeatedly affirming its commitments to human rights, Ireland's recovery stragey has severely undermined the wellbeing of ordinary people.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | February 7, 2012
Mauled by the Celtic Tiger: Human rights in Ireland's economic meltdown

A new CESR report finds that human rights in Ireland are being undermined by response measures implemented in the wake of the country's financial crisis.

News and Events | February 5, 2012
Austerity and retrogression: Have governments got the right?

As a fiscal compact among European leaders furthers prejudice against ESCR, CESR joins an open letter to Spain's Prime Minister.

Blog | October 3, 2011
Ireland's economic & social rights record under the spotlight at United Nations

On Thursday October 6 Ireland will face the scrutiny of her peers at the at the UPR.

News and Events | December 12, 2010
Rolling back economic and social rights to aid the banks?

Should Ireland cut the protection of economic and social rights to finance this deficit? And who is bearing the burden of these cuts?

News and Events | June 23, 2009
Economic Crisis and Human Rights

At the start of the UN General Assembly's conference on the economic crisis, CESR urged world leaders to sieze the opportunity to put human rights at the centre of its global responses.

News and Events | May 10, 2009
North Belfast Goes to the United Nations

Four residents from Belfast, Northern Ireland are among hundreds of people from across the globe that have traveled to the UN in Geneva this week.